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Feeling like a disappointment

7 Dec

Ever think you have everything in your life completely figured out and one thing happens and the entire bottom falls out and it all just comes crashing down? I had a day like that today… it is so exhausting. I don’t know how everyone else feels but even when it isn’t my fault that things fall apart I feel like such a disappointment when in truth the only person that I’m letting down is me. Does anyone else ever feel like they are just a complete disappointment to anyone? I know that probably sounds weird, but it’s a feeling like nothing else in this entire world… I swear to it. You get a point when you hit rock bottom and you realize that disappointment is a mind set.

So I’m trying to push through how I feel in doing so I thought maybe if anyone else was feeling the same way I could make you feel a little better. I think we all know in our heart that we are awesome, that’s just the honest truth… the thing is you have to get through all the day to day crap in order to actually feel awesome but when it’s all crashing down you end up just feeling like you can’t do anything right. Please keep in mind that you are doing everything right and there are some circumstances in life where you just don’t have control over how they play out, what happens or how things turn out in general. You just have to roll with it and see how it all ends up. Absolutely nothing in life is ever beyond repair, that is how I truly feel… I feel like if you try hard enough you can always fix everything there is always a way.. where there’s a will, there’s a way..right?

Hardest part about all that is reminding myself while I’m hitting rock bottom that it’s true. You can never truly disappoint anyone in your life that truly loves you because they love you for who you are, regardless of what you do.. and that is when you need to realize that you have to love yourself too. I know that is like the queerest thing you heard all day, right? But the thing is it’s true… you have to be able to love yourself… in loving yourself and knowing you are doing the best you can you will know that you are not disappointing anyone or being a disappointment, all roads have bumps and you just have to manage to go over them until everything smooths out again.

Hugs from me to you if you are feeling down today.. Happy Friday Eve!