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Weathered the storm just fine

30 Oct

Just a quick update for everyone paying attention where I am located we weathered the storm much better than expected. There was no damage, it is still raining today but we never even lose power. So all in all it turned out so much better then the flood of 2011.



29 Oct

With Sandy approaching it has been a day to really get ahead of everything before the storm hits. For those who don’t know I am located in New York, about an hour from New York City… We won’t get hit nearly as badly as they do and let’s hope it stays that way especially after the extreme flooding issues that we had last year. I don’t really think everyone around here can take another round with out going out of their minds. Needless to say, I woke up early because I couldn’t sleep so good… and had managed to move all the outside furniture off the porch and onto the fenced in patio so that it can’t blow too far and get broken. Also moved all the Halloween decorations back inside. From there I managed to shower and get around for the day and go to work, which ended early which was kind of nice due us being in a state of emergency starting at 4pm

During the time that I was working, I spent doing a lot of cleaning, laundry, dishes and filling up 6-5 gallon water holders so that even without power we can flush the toilet, then a little while ago, I not only made dinner but dinner for tomorrow too, there is lunch meat for sandwiches and muffins for breakfast. I’ve charged all electronics, downloaded tons of free books and apps for my nook… I don’t know that there is much more that I can do so now apparently I will play the waiting game.

On the plus side… they always say if you are over prepared nothing will happen… so that’s good. I even managed to come up with a few candles I still had around my room because my Scentsy won’t work with the lights out and I won’t have any light after dark… I guess from here all I can say is I’ll eat dinner pretty soon and maybe shower so I’m all set just in case for the morning… maybe roll my hair up in a sock bun and have curls for tomorrow, then I just have to worry about washing my face and brushing my teeth which can be done with water that is in a bunch of pitchers… I did that too! Filled 6 pitchers with water, and 3 of my water bottles I take to the gym.. Pretty sure I’m on top of things. Now I’m kind of bored.. Will update everyone on the outcome where I live of the storm… hopefully it doesn’t end up how bad they are thinking but I think the state of emergency is in place through tomorrow, so no school, that means I won’t be doing any baby sitting, the perk of nannying for a teacher!