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Burger Melts!

17 Oct

My week is continuing on to be full of Mondays.. I have a feeling it isn’t going to get much better, but instead of rant about it, what is something that makes everyone happy? Well.. most everyone… food! Comfort food at that!!

I know you guys don’t know too much about me just yet, but eating pretty much is the main thing in life that makes everyone happy, I know this for a fact because I consume way more chocolate then any human being should and I go to the gym for way longer then necessary just to make up for it.. that being said, I will write a blog post sometime about the changes in my life and little changes that you can possibly make in your own life to help better your lifestyle, even taking recipes like I have thought of and perfecting them to be more healthy, although I am giving you the healthier version to the originals just so you know.

Recipe of the Day:
Cheeseburger Melts
**Image from google, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for but this will do until I make one and take a picture and remember to put it, in this one’s place**

My version of how to make this…

1. French bread, preferably the kind from Walmart that is homemade and fresh, you take that and you slice it thickly… you are going to butter one side of each slice of bread (you will need 2 slices per sandwich)
2. A homemade burger (you can buy store bought patties but I prefer homemade) that you can season to your taste however you are used to eating burgers, you can use garlic of whatever.. you want about a 1/3 of a cup of ground beef per burger to make a decent size one, now cooking fun fact for burgers… push them down a little in the middle and leave the edges a little higher, why is this? Because as you probably know when you cook burgers they tend to bulge up in the center and by pushing them down you don’t have that problem. (I learned this watching Rachael Ray!) Now cook your burger to where ever you are most comfortable, I personally like mine well done but not burned.
3. Normally you would carmalize onions and you would use those as you vegetables, but onions give me stomach ache so I choose not to use onions while doing this.. in the place of onions, I use tomato that I have grilled around in a pan a little bit, bacon, mushrooms that have been grilled around, basically anything you are used to putting on a veggie.
4. Now how you do it… you take your first slice of bread and put it butter side down in a pan just like you’re making grilled cheese, then you put a piece of cheese (I like fat free american cheese that can be found at Wegman’s and if you are watching your calorie intake use half pieces so you only eat one whole piece instead of two…just a little help) then I put tomatoes, bacon and anything else I want on my burger that day.. then put on your burger patty, then put more tomatoes, bacon (again with a healthy option, turkey bacon is just as amazing as regular bacon and you can use a half of a piece on the top and bottom just crumple it up so it spreads the flavors more evenly) then another piece of cheese (or a half) and then lastly top it with your other slice of bread butter side up. Now you are going to cook your sandwich evenly on both sides (don’t walk away, it always burns when you do even if it takes forever while you’re watching it to brown each side) and when it is, the cheese will be perfectly melted and you will have the most amazing burger melt you’ve ever had in your life… they are so good because they have exactly what you like on them!

Keep in mind that you can place with this too, if you are used to eating two burgers… if you like onions, hot sauce etc.. don’t be afraid to really make it yours and unique.. cooking is one of the most fun things that I love to do because you really have the ability to take something and just change it and make it completely your own.

If you try this let me know in the comments if you love it as much as I did and I hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday… here’s to hoping the week can only go up from here.