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Sock bun success and TGIF

20 Oct


My sock bun was a success… now as a disclaimer for those ladies interested, to me, the curls don’t look like this picture, they might if you take a curling iron after you take it out and work on it some, but I’m too lazy for that to be honest… your hair however is curly, it looks natural and stays all day even if you have curl resistant hair like me..

how I did it…
1. I took a shower at night and washed my hair
2. I blow dried my hair so that it was still a little damp
3. I tipped my head over and pulled my hair up using an elastic hair tie into a high pony tail.. think sporty spice..when I say “high pony tail”
4.Then I sprayed the pony with spray gel, I use herbal essence, until it was quite damp
5. Then I pulled my hair through the sock (now for the sock… I just used my socks, I have some from that bin at walmart for like five bucks, they are pink and gray stripes etc… I took a pair because I couldn’t just ruin one, and cut the toe part off both socks, then you just roll it around itself until you make a donut type shape with both)
6.After that, I pulled the sock to the ends of my hair, now my hair has quite a few layers so to the end of the shortest layer and I started bending my hair around the sock or rolling it, if you will.. and I tucked in all the ends of my longer layers as I rolled the sock/hair down to the elastic tie.
7.After I had a tight bun, I took the second sock donut that I made and put it around the bun to hold it secure
8. I slept on it, which doesn’t bother you because it is up so high, no matter how you sleep
9.In the morning, I left it in and ate breakfast, took a shower like normal (I avoided wetting my head as much as possible) I got dressed, put my make up on, then I took my hair down
10. I was surprised that it actually worked… and being my hair is so resistant I took gel and scrunched it into the curls in hopes to hold them all day… and surprisingly it did last ALL DAY! which never happens for me so I was excited.. I pulled my bangs back into a bobby pin or two because I didn’t like how they were laying but all in all it turned out really well and was simple and easy and didn’t take too much time in the morning like curling does

I did it again tonight too because I have a friends wedding to attend tomorrow at 3pm.. and then a Scentsy party at 6pm… and I perfected it a little bit.. I blow dried it completely using the low setting instead of the hot setting and I sprayed in a little more spray gel.. so we will see how it turns out that way but I feel like leaving it wet from the shower wasn’t the best, I’d rather have it be damp from the spray gel.. if you try it, let me know how it works for you! I love it honestly, it’s extremely easy even though it wasn’t exactly the look I was aiming for.

As far as TGIF…
today still seemed to suck just as bad as the rest of my week, I’m starting to think it’s just me and not everything around me and I am hoping that the wedding ceremony will perk me up a little tomorrow..although I’m not too happy about having to leave early to be home for the Scentsy party. I’m going to try to make the best of it. Either way, I sent my best friend a message that we need some chatting time…asap, maybe a little one on one (well one on one plus a 2 year old) will help pull me out of my terribly bad mood.

Hope everyone had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!