Monday Fun facts

3 Dec

First I found out how annoying the walk in clinic is… I mean seriously I was there for an hour!! because there were like 3 people in front of me and the worst part is, they were coughing and I do not have a cough therefore I wasn’t sharing any of my germs but they don’t even cover their mouth! I swear some people didn’t have a mother at home growing up and don’t have a wife now because they have no manners at all, drives me nuts! and if that wasn’t bad enough, apparently I don’t have pink eye, which is fine with me… I just have an extremely bad sinus infection that has my eyes irritated… I almost think it’s worse! I have some medications now to hopefully straighten it all up but I don’t even feel sick for having an extreme sinus infection, I have felt worse with allergies..

and last but not least, it is hard to write a blog post on your telephone, I would have to have a lot more time and focus to write something decent instead of just the little update that I gave because it was a doozy, although my eyes aren’t too willing to focus on much of anything so I guess that would make sense.. hope you all had an amazing monday!



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