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Monday again…

19 Nov

Hello everyone… it’s Monday again. I know we all dislike Mondays but I have a little fun fact for you all about Mondays!

Today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but according to statistics, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths and 42 million hugs occurring today throughout the United States. Also today,  there will be at least 4 people that will win the multimillion dollar lotteries, 600 people will get promotions at work and 3,000 people will lose their virginity. There will also be 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 balloons sold and 800,000 skittles eaten. Plus, the words “I love you” will be said over 9 million times. So again, I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day.


I thought that was cute and that everyone might enjoy it today, I know it made me personally smile so that is never a bad things. “quotes” that is something that makes me smile, I’ll have to add it to the list.

Christmas movies started yesterday! I was pretty much so excited I watched them the better part of the day, it helped that my football team game wasn’t televised where I lived, so I slept late and then got around and did my pilates and my yoga.. and followed it up with Christmas movies, I caught ten minutes of one but then Christmas Snowglobe was on, that is becoming one of my favorites.. it was followed up by Santa Baby, and Santa Baby Two… I watched the first one but not the second one, I was getting dinner around and eating and what not and I only caught bits and pieces of it. But then I caught Holiday in Handcuffs, also a favorite of mine which was followed up my 12 Dates of Christmas which was also fantastic, I stayed up a bit late watching it, I’ve been trying to go to bed by 11 to do my yoga and pilates in the morning before work but it’s worth being a little bit tired when it comes to Christmas time! besides, it’s a short week… just two more days after today… Christmas movies are another reason to smile, I’ll have to add that to my list too. I am still working on my list to get pictures of to add to my wall… it’s coming along lovely and I can’t wait to share it!

Last but not least for the day, my telephone can be upgraded today! I am extremely excited, I am gonna get the samsung galaxy s3, but waiting to see if verizon has any kind of a deal on friday.. otherwise I’ll have to wait until next month when I can save the rest of the money I need for the phone… all in due time =)

Hope you are all having an amazing start to the week and I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Late Saturday or Early Sunday?

11 Nov

Either way… Happy November everyone! I know I am about 11 days late… fun fact.. 11 is my lucky number. I have taken some time to really think things over with this blog and me and what I wanted to do and I am excited about achievements and making this blog more about my goals and accomplishing my own personal bucket list, regular lists, resolutions.. you name it I am going to talk to talk about.. not much different then how it started now is it??

I have spent the last few days compiling a list of things that make me happy (simple pleasures)… a list of things I want to do while I have the chance (a bucket list)… a list of things I would love to do but that require someone else so I might never have the ability so I don’t feel like they should go on the same list (having a baby)… and then I even did some thinking about resolutions already to get them in place too. I am almost set with everything and am now working on getting images and putting tasks down and getting prints. I found a site (called that is cheaper then shutterfly so I am pretty much in love with that because it won’t cost me near as much to get prints even though it’s kind of hundreds… it should still be amazing and fun and not cost too much which is fantastic. I will show you guys before and afters of my room when I make my walls and different things and would love to help anyone out who likes the idea and wants to achieve it themselves. I think in the process I’m going to make my own headboard too so keep an eye out for that coming soon.

Aside from all that, I am very excited for the next 2ish months… this is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love summer, sunshine, flip flops, hoodies..all of that stuff but my love for Thanksgiving and Christmas an the entire season itself can not be trumped by anything else… the movies, lights, atmosphere, baking and love that can be portrayed is something that is so special I wish people would treasure it all year long… I personally know how hard it is to be over the top happy all the time and really can’t be an expectation but there are so many little ways you can show someone you love them throughout the year… don’t always wait for a holiday… I guess where my rant is going with that is to not wait, you never know when your last time of seeing someone might be so don’t leave anything unsaid…that’s my honest motto… doesn’t always work out when I get pissy because sometimes you just can’t help it, but I’m pretty sure you all know exactly where I’m coming from with that.

I hope you have all had an amazing last two weeks and weekend! I can’t wait to start sharing some things with you guys and really start getting my lists tamed…I’ve even realized that I have accomplished a fair amount of things off my ideal bucket list that I didn’t even realize I had done, so that was pretty exciting for me…especially when I am at this point in my life where I feel like I’m not going anywhere or achieving anything and I feel pretty low about it all.. I am a list maker at heart and sometimes that is the best thing about me.