Things that make me smile and bucket list inspired

30 Oct

I was really bored last night waiting for the storm and all and there happened to be nothing on tv. I started doing a little searching around on the computer looking for something pass the time until a normal bed time could be achieved and I could go to sleep. I ended up stumbling back on the pictures that I used to create my lists of things I wanted to do before 25 and before I was too old and the ones that make me smile… If you haven’t checked out my lists, feel free to do so even though they will never be complete, I seem to add to them everyday. But looking through these pictures got me inspired to do something great…

I am going to go through all that I can find and create some of my own that I think of and I am going to get prints of them all, most likely 4 by 6 because I’m afraid if I go too small you won’t be able to read them but too big and I won’t be able to create my idea… then I am going to get vinyl words (I have a vinyl cutter and I will gladly help anyone that wants to do this too) I am going to pick a wall in my room, probably the one my bed is on or do some rearranging so I have a fairly blank wall and get those circle sticky things at the craft store and write “reasons to smile” in vinyl cursive writing…and then take the hundreds/thousands of pictures that I am collecting and make a wall of things that make me smile. I can’t think of a better way to wake up everyday then to see something that already makes me smile. Life gets so consuming sometimes that we forget the simple pleasures and I don’t want to forget them.

In thinking this up, I have decided to do the same thing with my bucket list. I have a section of my wall between where my closet is and the door to my room are and I am going to write “my list” up and down and then attach the pictures and start compiling my bucket list on the wall where I see it. By seeing it everyday I am hoping it helps to encourage me to start slowly taking pictures down and putting them in a book as they are accomplished. Eventually I will have my own bucket list story about my life. Depending on how it turns out, I might even individually publish it to barnes and noble… maybe it will inspire someone else.

I am also thinking about doing one thing off the wall that makes me happy everyday. There are so many things I shouldn’t have to repeat for basically years (when I move out, it might be tricky to keep this up, let’s hope if I move in with someone they love me enough not to mind my slightly crazy side of wanting to have a million pictures on a random or I’ll have to have an office..) and I think I might turn this blog into something makes me happy everyday and completing my bucket list one thing at a time.

What do you guys think? About all the ideas?
Hope everyone was as lucky as we turned out to be with the storm and that everyone is having a great week so far!


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