Made it to Friday

19 Oct

It has definitely been one of those weeks and I am so glad that tomorrow is better because it didn’t get any better the long the week went on… however I have a few words of wisdom for you today…

When your day sucks and it turns into a week, turn the music on and turn it up… is it still awful? Turn it up louder.

Oddly enough that is a quote of mine that I really do live by, I have found that no matter how bad things get (short of a pure disaster) music is something that really helps to even out your mood… find the song that fits how you feel and crank it up… clean or workout mixed with this and you’ll find the combination of the two things really is a mood booster… at least it is for me, it’s the one thing I can always count on to pull me out of a rut.

Another fun fact… I am trying the sock bun method for curls for the first time! If you are a female reading this and you have tried it… how did it go? What did you do? Did it last all day? Is your hair resistant to curls? If you are curious, I will make sure that I update on how it works out for me… I am excited to be getting a new phone in mid November that will allow me to start including personal pictures in these of thing… won’t that be amazing?! On top of the sock bun method I have found a few curly hair styles that I am truly in love with and I am planning on trying them out as well… I will post more about my hair in another post later on.

Continuation of fun facts… My best friend is expecting baby number two on May 1st of 2013… I couldn’t be more excited for her, she had set her wedding date for June 29th 2013 and was contemplating changing it but has decided to keep it the same… so back to maid of honor duties for me and baby duties! Very exciting… have to really kick in my working out to be able to wear the hot pink dress though… I’m sure I’ll update on that as the year progresses as well.

Last but not least… I have played that game that girls all seem to play about waiting to see if someone texts you before texting them… quite honestly, I just don’t want to come across as a spaz or like I’m trying too hard… this could possibly come back to bite me in the ass, however Dave has not texted me since Monday… I guess I’m starting to see where I stand with him… he said he was coming over to a Scentsy party my mom is having for me on Saturday… will I see him? Looking doubtful, probably if I shook a magic 8 ball it would say “ask again later”

Hope everyone had a better Friday Eve than I had…and  TGIF!


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