Don’t forget to smile…

17 Oct

If anyone is having a week like mine already… and it is only Tuesday… my condolences! This week seems to be a never ending string of Mondays for me and quite honestly, it’s getting old! However… in the mess of the week that I am having I had an amazing thought… I am going to start a page on here that is just full of reasons to smile.

Completely random right? I know… but it seems like it is just the thing that everyone needs… I mean we all have reasons to smile no matter how bad life gets but sometimes I think those reasons need to be written down. Reading them can definitely make a difference in your mind… I’m going to start that page over by the “about” page… I’m not quite sure how this whole pages things work.. but I’m gonna try to find out.. if you have anything you think should be added to the list, please tell me! I am excited to start compiling a list of reasons to smile and would love to know some reasons for other people.

Hope you have a better day yesterday then you did today regardless of how today went.


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