Talking to someone new…

14 Oct

A little bit of background…

On Saturday, September 29, 2012 my brother and his wife renewed their vows in front of family and friends, after a year of planning and coordinating it was quite the party, well it was a bit of a mess but it wouldn’t have been right if things didn’t go wrong, but it was nice none the less. But in the midst of dancing and fun my cousins husband and I happened to be chatting, he then brought up how I needed a “nice guy” in my life… I followed up his statement by saying “if you knew one send him my way.” Oddly enough, I figured this was the end of the conversation because usually even when people say that it is the end of the conversation, because they don’t really know anyone or they aren’t going to play match maker. However after cleaning up I texted him to let him know that I had found a ring where his wife and him where sitting and was checking to see if it was hers… he continued the conversation by telling me about a friend that he had thought about for me that was really nice and that he wanted me to talk to, well it took a while of him talking me into it, exchanging pictures, he played middle man for a while and then he gave me Dave’s number and vice versa and Dave texted me almost immediately… He was pretty much one of the most amazing guys that I have ever talked to, he was nice and genuine, he seemed overly comfortable and we got along great… Now I am personally newly 24 years old, Dave is newly 31 years old. So there is a bit of a difference there, however I figure at this point in my life, I have dated my age and slightly older then me and even a bit younger then me and honestly no one seems to really be that fitting… so I figure age is merely a number right?

Dave and I talked the rest of the evening on Sunday, the entire day of Monday and Tuesday… and by late Tuesday afternoon we had decided that we were actually going to meet up and see how things went in person, because let’s face it… you can text someone all the time and be perfectly fine but it is the face time that really seems to be the deciding vote in if people are going to get along, click or not… so Tuesday, October 2, 2012 6:00 p.m. rolled around and I was pulling into the parking lot of the mall… feeling extremely nervous. I had talked to my cousins husband again and told him how nervous I was and all he did was manage to make it worse by telling me not to be too revealing and wear a turtle neck.. that just isn’t my style so I was a bit nervous with the tank top/lace sweater that I had chosen, but it seemed like it was just fine. So pulling into the lot, I actually thought I was going to throw up but he had texted me about one minute before I pulled in that he was there, so I texted him back that I would meet him at the door, I didn’t know at this point in time what he drove and had only seen one picture.. so I was a little iffy about if I would know him or not. I got out of the car and started walking about texted him back at the same time I walked by a car and he was getting out and said “walk right by me then”… and the ice was broken, my nervousness actually started slipping away and he hugged me and we went on into the mall and it was just that easy.

We walked around and around and around the mall a little more in and out of some store, we got a drink at Auntie Anne’s and continued to walk until about 8:45 p.m when we went back outside because we had pretty much seen everything there was to see. Now, I am the type of girl where I am usually really uncomfortable, I feel awkward and weird and first dates are pretty much just really nerve wracking… with Dave though, it was easy… the conversation was easy, walking was easy, he held my hand, that was easy… he offered me a drink, it all seemed to just be genuinely comfortable and I have never been that comfortable with someone in my entire life… after going outside we leaned against his car and talked for a while, about an hour when it was all said and done a little about this and a little about that, I learned during our date that I have walls and am guarded and I am quite hard to read…I think I might have possibly already known that, but it was interesting that he took the time to care and figure it out on his own.

We were talking outside and he kept sliding down the car away from me, so I finally made a comment about being sorry I was close and he did one of the most amazing things of my life, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in between his legs so I was leaning on him and said, “there we more comfortable now?” As a matter of fact… I was! So we talked like that for a bit longer and then he made a comment about “making moments” I kind of joked it off by saying some moments just happen and you don’t have to make he was then fooling around and laid on the car and went “okay I’m waiting for the moment” after a bit he turned me and we kissed.. and it wasn’t even awkward, he is the one of the best kissers, I don’t have a million under my belt but he was amazing.. a few kisses and a few stories later and both parted ways after walked me to my car about 4 parking spots away from his.

We texted a lot that week and I thought we were going to hang out over the weekend but we never made plans, we didn’t text as much this week but we have the past two days due to busy schedules, but he isn’t working tomorrow and my fingers are crossed that he is just as much into me as I am into him and that we get to start seeing more of each other… he does have training for work for the entire month of November and will be MIA which is going to suck but I think he is more then worth the wait… I wish he knew how amazing he is, he doesn’t seem to get it.

I hope you follow me along my journey with Dave and life and maybe we can all see how it plays out together the following image I saw made me think of him. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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